26 February 2012

India - First Impressions

Okay, no pictures yet, it was dark when I got in last night, still dark this morning, and I had heard they are NOT receptive to lots of picture taking in the airport.  But here goes:

  • In customs line I saw 4 Indian guys move over and let a guy and his wife to the front of the line ahead of them, it looked like he had MD.  I don't know that I have ever seen that in a customs line, anywhere, any time.
  • Waiting for my luggage the people were stacked up 2-3 deep with luggage carts and everything else, right up against the carousel.  I saw my suitcase go around once with no chance to get to it... so I got closer then just pushed through the 2nd time.  In Japan, for instance, people stand at least 3 feet back and step forward only to get their suitcase then immediately get out of the way.
  • Very friendly and very helpful in the airport and the hotel.
  • The traffic and driving from the airport to the hotel was every bit as bad as what I have seen on The Amazing Race
  • I can't wait to see more.....

1 comment:

  1. I hav always wanted to travel to India..Hope you have fun and I cant wait to see pictures!!