03 March 2012

India Update - 2Mar12

Okay, I know it's been too long since my last entry.  But in my defense I AM here for work.  I got to Mumbai late Sunday night, flew to Pune early Monday, worked till evening, then left the hotel at 4-freaking-AM to catch a flight to Nagpur, worked till 6:30, work dinner from 7-11, then started the next day at 9, worked till 7:30 and got back to Pune around midnight, then up at 7 to drive to Mumbai for work.  Doesn't leave much time for taking pictures, enjoying the local culture, and certainly not blogging.

And certainly not as many food pictures.  It's a combination of eating for work in hotels and work cafeterias and how they eat.  At lunch and dinner in Nagpur it was kind of like a cocktail party feel, everyone standing up, eating and talking, people bringing you food, so hard to juggle holding a plate and a drink and taking a picture all at the same time.  But I did take some pictures... and a couple of videos.

Okay... well that did not work, I went to bed in hopes of uploading 50 pictures of so and it never occurred.  So, let me try fewer.....

This is in the car on the way to the airport in Mumbai to fly to Pune:

This is my room in Pune... not too shabby!

Outside my window in Pune

Driving to work Monday afternoon...

More to come later, right now I have to pack to go to Beijing...


  1. Come home, and I'll give you a blogging lesson.

  2. If I come home I won't need a blogging lesson... I won't be blogging as much!